About Us

Vesuvio Healthy living specialises in the formulation, manufacturing, and distribution of all-natural detox blends and products. Our products are made here in Australia and are 100% vegan, gluten, dairy free and heavy metal tested.

In line with our strong belief and passion in the importance in detoxifying our bodies, we make sure to make our packaging with PE plastic recyclable lining; ensuring there are no weak links through which heavy metals can contaminate specifically our detox blend, as is often the case with foil-lined packaging. Our packaging is also BPA free and BPS free.

We’re aware that the advance of urbanisation and industrialisation will only lead to more heavy metal exposure and possibly even wide-spread food contamination. But we’re confident that through detox we may all find a way through whatever comes next. Consistent detox ensures any toxins that do enter your body are dealt with in a timely manner. 

Take the first step in ensuring no toxin that enters your body gets to stay!