Spinach Soup Recipe


· 1 pint grape tomatoes (Substitute if required 1-2 mangoes)

· 1 stalk celery

· 1 garlic clove

· 1 orange (Substitute if required with lemon or lime)

· 4 cups baby spinach leaves

· 2 basil leaves or a few sprigs of cilantro

· ½ avocado (optional)


Blend the tomatoes, celery and garlic with the juice of 1 orange until smooth. Add the spinach by the handful until fully incorporated. Add the basil and the avocado (if desired) and blend. Serve and enjoy immediately!

*This is a raw soup intended to be served at room temperature. It should not be heated.

Source: Medical Medium Liver Rescue by Anthony Williams. See link for more information and the original recipe. Click Link


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