Cacao Detox Balls


- ½ cup soft, pitted dates

- ½ cup raw almonds

- ¼ cup cacao powder

- 1 tablespoon Heavy Metal Detox Blend or Liver Rescue Detox Blend

- 1 pinch of salt

- 1 tablespoon almond milk

- 1 cup desiccated coconut flakes

(Yields 10 Small Balls)



1. Add dates and almonds to a food processor and process until they are combined well and stuck together. May take up to 5 minutes.

2. Break up into smaller pieces with your hands and add in the cacao, almond milk and detox blend of your choice.

3. Process all ingredients until combined well and it forms one large ball. May take up to 3 min.

4. Roll into 10 small balls and roll in coconut flakes or grounded nuts (alternatively dust in detox powder).

5. Store in refrigerator for up to 2 weeks and enjoy!


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