Detox, Fact or Fiction?

Health professionals today will tell you that products targeting detoxification aren’t required because our bodies naturally detox through the liver and other organs. Others will suggest that cleanses cause more harm than good. 

What isn’t considered in this advice is that beyond the multitude of daily toxins the body battles are pathogens, viruses and bacteria that move rapidly and cause autoimmune diseases in people from childhood to adulthood. We are combatting heavy metals, pesticides, herbicides, solvents, and petroleum-based products daily, and that we are isn’t hidden from us! We are told that we consume these toxins almost every day. 

We subliminally face this modern-day chemical warfare – and whilst our bodies are extraordinary, why is it we are discouraged in giving them a helping hand by using detox products and protocols?

Trust in the science/ "influencer", right? 

There are a few reasons experts claim we don’t need to detox. 

A lack of understanding around the diets people adopt in this digital age is top of the list. These diets are often very high in fat. No rules, balanced, moderation, paleo, keto, plant-based – all provision a shopping list of foods that are either heavily processed or high in natural fats. When we eat these high-protein foods like nuts, salmon, eggs, chicken and nut butters, the liver struggles to focus on whether it should be metabolising fats or toxins. 

Much of what we consume prohibits natural detoxification to occur, primarily due the fact that they thicken our blood. A fat-filled blood stream minimises oxygen – this causes a sluggish liver that puts pressure on the heart and provides the ultimate environment for pathogens to thrive. Not only that, toxins then enter the excess fat cells that then accumulate around our organs. 

To think that these are the impacts on our body as a result of these diets being promoted as ‘healthy’ by influencers, dietitians, nutritionists and health coaches! 

We know that we are also encouraged to eat leafy greens, fruits and vegetables no matter the diet, however the focus on protein-heavy items that span all lifestyles cannot be ignored. Not when we are battling synthetic toxins at the same time. 

This is why we want to encourage supplementing our bodies with natural detoxification products and protocols. The liver is over-burdened - and we want to help it tackle those toxins as well as deal with our diets and lifestyle choices.  

Now it’s personal

When age begins to inhibit exercise regimes amongst other things, the ability to control this diminishes. The resultant weight-gain, reduced energy-levels and susceptibility to illness is often blamed on a slow metabolism or hormone imbalance. 

We’ve seen so many people go through the challenge of mis-diagnosis – which is why it’s so difficult to witness health professionals attempt to debunk detoxing when it is an accessible and natural option for those who struggle with chronic illness. Many of us know someone battling health issues – weight-gain, exhaustion, stress and as mentioned, chronic illness. We have seen what it is like for someone to compare themselves to others and be presented with solutions that just do not work for them. 

It is physically and emotionally taxing, and facing advice like “just keep going”, “wake up early and get to the gym”, “mind over matter” only cultivates those negative emotions that come with seeing no results or improvement. These health professionals are dismissing the battle those who are struggling to feel better face, at the same time as dismissing a perfectly viable option that people can use to aid their healing. 

What have we got to lose?

With all that we understand (and all that we don’t!) – do we not owe it to our minds and bodies to embrace the possibilities that natural products and protocols can offer? 

Is the concept of detoxing a myth? Perhaps it’s time for you to decide for yourself. 


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