Our Story

Firstly, thanks for visiting Vesuvio Healthy Living. I’m passionate about health and natural remedies, and if you share this passion, I hope you will resonate with my personal story which is the reason these products exist today. 
My name is Luna. I have spent the last twelve years working in product development; this is the foundation for my research has honed my dedication to providing real health outcomes using natural remedies. 
Throughout my development career I found myself working more and more on custom blends, each project targeting health and invariably linked to the emergence of super-foods. 
The health-food and beverage industry has boomed over the past ten years, my interest in it only growing as I spent hours researching natural ingredients and medicinal herbs and spices. This is really where my own journey began - a pursuit of a lifestyle that embraced health in a different, more natural way. 
I have lived a full life that I am grateful for. However, as I entered my 30’s I began to recognise challenges and issues with my own health. Reflecting on diet, personal care products, contraception, environmental toxins and lifestyle choices, I made a conscious decision to make changes - initially not all of these were natural. I spent several years working through advice from medical professionals, ultimately embracing that the answer for me lay in natural detoxes, herbs and supplements. My friends and family witnessed the amazing results I achieved through combining my knowledge of herbs and blends with professional naturopathic advice. This methodology has changed my life. 
More specifically, I have struggled with oestrogen dominance which resulted in fertility issues including cysts throughout my reproductive organs, as well as severe liver issues. These have been the result of the presence of heavy metals in my body, environmental toxins and lifestyle choices. As a result of these issues, and the path I took to get well, I have learnt that a healthy liver is absolutely critical to general health. 
These personal health challenges weren’t easy to accept or deal with. With my research and experience in natural herbs, remedies and blends, coupled with my recent journey back to good health and  strength, I am in a unique position to share my knowledge and help those who have experienced similar battles to me - and want to heal using natural methods.